Welcome to my blog page! I thought this would be a great forum for you to get to know a bit more about me but more importantly to share helpful information about mental health issues pertinent to all of us.

First off, I want to let you know that my primary mode of therapeutic treatment is cognitive-behavioral. That simply means that our thoughts determine our emotions…and those 2 together determine our mood, our outlook on life, our self-esteem, our ability to function in the world and our overall state of happiness (or unhappiness). It is very different from conventional therapy in that it DOESN’T require years of therapy to have significant benefits. It is much more efficient in time and energy and gives clients useful TOOLS to work with.

My second modality that is good to know about for you is that I work from the approach of Positive Psychology. This is a new field, but I’ve actually been using many of its principles before the term “Positive Psychology” was invented. Conventional therapy comes from the traditional psychological model of mental illness. Focusing on the “abnormalities” of a client. Focusing on what is NOT working for them. Focusing on their emotional deficits so to speak. Positive Psychology, (created by Dr Martin Seligman) focuses on what IS working for the client, what are their strengths. Positive Psychology is a field that has researched and found out the specific things that make a people feel happy and fulfilled. Another way of describing it is: Conventional psychology has, since its inception, focused on a person’s “abnormal” responses. It centered on what makes a person depressed etc. and attempts to bring the person back to their original state of being (i.e not being depressed). Positive psychology, on the other hand, wants to bring the person to a higher state of being…a better state than when they started therapy. A state of being where they can feel and experience the joys of life. THAT’s what my treatment plans for each client is centered on.

Whether you chose to work with me as your therapist, I highly recommend finding a licensed professional therapist that is trained in Positive Psychology. I think you can see by the above information why it has great benefits.

Virginia Oman

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