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Virginia Oman transforms people’s lives through her unique combination of skills as a licensed mental health therapist, life coach, personal trainer and wellness master. She is living proof that her methods work as she has transformed her life from a place of hopelessness and deep despair to not only newfound life, but now living the life of her dreams.

She helps people to be able to do the same thing regardless of whatever challenges they may be facing.  Virginia is also a musician of over 15 different instruments and as a trained harp therapist, uses the healing properties of sound to help others.

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Unleashing the Untapped Potential: The Power of Nutrition in Transforming Your Life

Are you really aware of the importance of nutrition in your life and can you easily explain why it is so essential? In the dynamic complexity of life, nutrition emerges as the unsung hero, wielding the power to reshape destinies and unlock the full potential of the human spirit. Think about that sentence …

Crafting Your Destiny: Unlocking the Code of Your Self-Identity

As a seasoned Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Wellness and Life Coach with over 30 years of experience, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of self-identity on individual fulfillment and happiness. In this exploration, let’s delve into the transformative …

The Silent Architects: How Values Shape the Blueprint of a Meaningful Existence

In this article “The Silent Architects: How Values Shape the Blueprint of a Meaningful Existence” I describe the ever-evolving journey of self-discovery, identifying one’s values is definitely worth the time. Our values act just like a compass…

The Art of Perfect Timing: Harnessing the Spellbinding Charms of Magic Hour

There’s an astounding secret out there every day that I wasn’t aware of until recently and boy do I wish I had known about it years, even decades ago! That’s why I used the term “secret” because most people are unaware of it.

Beyond Limits: The Transformative Force of Unwavering Belief

I’ve been asked many times how I have been able to successfully accomplish the  extremely challenging feats in my life, so I thought I’d write this article, “Beyond Limits: The Transformative Force of Unwavering Belief.”

The Hidden Face of Valentine’s Day: Exploring the Flip Side

Okay. It’s February. And the thing February is most known for in American culture is Valentine’s Day. The day of honoring romantic love.

For people who just recently fell “in Love,” this can be a fun and enjoyable time of celebration. And that’s wonderful indeed.


January Bliss: 7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs!

January Bliss: 7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs! – As a mental health therapist and life coach, I see a regular increase in depression during the winter months, especially for people who live in the cold areas of the world. I want to address this here and give useful suggestions so that you DON’T have to experience a case of the winter blahs.

Ticking Clocks and Broken Dreams: The Tragic Danger of Procrastination

First of all, know this: Procrastination is not about ineffective time management. 

Warning: Don’t Wait for Motivation to Show Up…. Learn the Correct Formula and Get it Instantly!

Learn the Correct Formula and Get it Instantly! – As a Licensed Mental

Riding Against The Odds; A Tale of Courage and Determination

Riding Against The Odds; A Tale of Courage and Determination – is dedicated to those who, for whatever reason, have lost hope of ever being able to achieve their dream due to insurmountable challenges.

6 Essential Lessons from the School of Life

6 Essential Lessons from the School of Life – In this article, 6 Essential Lessons from the School of Life, I share some of the things I wished I had known at age 17-40. Oh, I might have heard some of these pieces of advice along the way, but I certainly did not take many of them seriously, and I paid a major price for that. So this is my attempt to try to make sure my mistakes aren’t made by people of younger ages. If you are now thinking…” 

Is Your Mindset Making You Disabled?

I’m also a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, and over my 30-year career span, I’ve seen the results when a person’s negative mindset is controlling their life. It leads to depression, anxiety, and often a life wasted.

I am physically disabled due to having Multiple Sclerosis, and I know first-hand the reality of being disabled in a world designed for able-bodied people. It can bring plenty of opportunities for feeling frustrated, dismissed, and sad.

The Power of Sound: How to Protect Your Sound Scape

Most of us are aware of protecting our valuable eyesight. We wear sunglasses for solar protection and go to the optometrist yearly. We hear the recommendations to limit the amount of violent images seen every day. By perhaps cutting back on watching the “news”. These things are important and make a definite difference in our overall health. But how often do we pay attention to what we are allowing ourselves to HEAR on a daily basis?

The Happy Habit: Three Simple Practices for a Life of Joy

In this article, I want to give you three tools you can use every day to start this rewiring process in your brain.

The first one is something I actually implemented into my own life and the effects of doing it continuously have been phenomenal. It’s simple to do. It will sound silly and too simplistic but I’m here to say …

Taking Small Steps and Changing My Life for the Better

My name is Virginia Oman and I have secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). I was diagnosed back in 1988, and my first symptoms were visual changes, numbness, and loss of balance. Many have described me as a “phoenix in human form, because I have …

DO IT NOW! Messages From the Rocking Chair

We are amazing human beings. We have the power to create the kind of life we want and we have the power to determine how we feel at any moment of every day. That is an amazing amount of power and it is all within us. Yet, how many of us choose to ACT on this and harness this power for their happiness and wellbeing?

“Little t” vs “Big T” Which Trauma is More Toxic?

When most people see the word “trauma” related to mental health, they will either identify with it and want to know more, or they will immediately pass over it thinking that this word doesn’t apply to them. If you are a person in the latter category, I encourage you to continue reading this.

How to Change Your Emotional State in an Instant!

way to instantly change our state toward increased happiness is to change what we focus on. Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and choose wisely. Simply put……garbage in, garbage out. If you focus on thoughts of negativity, research now shows, our brain being so incredibly compliant, …

What the Heck are You Saying to Yourself?!!

As a licensed mental health therapist who has been practicing for over 30 years, I have had ample experience to discern what causes a person to have problematic depression and or anxiety in their life time. What I see the most at the root of many of these symptoms is negative self-statements (self-talk) that are so ingrained and …

The Incredible Power of Finding Your Purpose

We’ve all heard the message so many times recently;” Find your purpose!  Find your purpose!” to the point where we almost don’t want to spend any time finding it just to be defiant! Can you relate?  

You Are Unstoppable

Have you ever felt hopeless, like all life’s joys were no longer reachable for you?  I have. And having climbed my way back out, I am passionate about sharing my message of hope so others don’t have to feel that level of despair that I once did.

Claim Your Golden Ticket!

Can you imagine getting on an airplane to fly to your destination and you find out that the pilot of the plane has not looked at a map or aviation chart and has no plan for how to get there?  Wouldn’t that be downright terrifying?


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