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Virginia Oman transforms people’s lives through her unique combination of skills as a licensed mental health therapist, life coach, personal trainer and wellness master. She is living proof that her methods work as she has transformed her life from a place of hopelessness and deep despair to not only newfound life, but now living the life of her dreams.

She helps people to be able to do the same thing regardless of whatever challenges they may be facing.  Virginia is also a musician of over 15 different instruments and as a trained harp therapist, uses the healing properties of sound to help others.

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How to Change Your Emotional State in an Instant!

A way to instantly change our state toward increased happiness is to change what we focus on. Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and choose wisely.

What the Heck are You Saying to Yourself?!!

As a licensed mental health therapist who has been practicing for over 30 years, I have had ample experience to discern what causes a person to have problematic depression and or anxiety in their life time. What I see the most at the root of many of these symptoms is negative self-statements (self-talk) that are so ingrained and so long-standing they are subconscious. They repeat in our head over and over throughout each and every day but we are unaware of them.

The Incredible Power of Finding Your Purpose

We’ve all heard the message so many times recently;” Find your purpose!  Find your purpose!” to the point where we almost don’t want to spend any time finding it just to be defiant! Can you relate?  

You Are Unstoppable

Have you ever felt hopeless, like all life’s joys were no longer reachable for you?  I have. And having climbed my way back out, I am passionate about sharing my message of hope so others don’t have to feel that level of despair that I once did.

Claim Your Golden Ticket!

Can you imagine getting on an airplane to fly to your destination and you find out that the pilot of the plane has not looked at a map or aviation chart and has no plan for how to get there?  Wouldn’t that be downright terrifying?



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Secrets to the Powerful Mind-Body Connection

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