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Whether it is past trauma from assault, abuse, combat, or ANY kind of psychological and or physical trauma… I am here to help diminish the debilitating symptoms it can cause.

I have specific training in understanding the many effects of trauma and know about the abundance of scientific proof that the experience of a traumatic event changes you…even on a cellular level. Yep… you read that correctly… trauma can alter the cells that make up your body.

Most commonly people get “STUCK” with the effects of unresolved trauma that include: increased anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, depression, wanting to isolate, and a host of symptoms related to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I offer a very unique treatment specifically for trauma called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). It is a specialized technique which involves advanced training directly from the EMDR institute.

I have completed both levels of this training and have found EMDR to be extremely effective for many of my clients who are emotionally/psychologically suffering from trauma. EMDR has been proven to be extremely effective in helping military veterans and now research is showing its great benefit to civilians who are stuck with negative effects of trauma.

In a minimum of sessions the feeling of the traumatic event can dramatically shrink into the backdrop of your life and free you from suffering any debilitating symptoms.

It truly is quite remarkable, and I am happy to able to offer it to those clients who I feel can benefit from it. When we first start to work together to address any trauma effects, we will talk about this treatment at length. I might decide you need to work with me for several sessions before starting EMDR… but when ready, can explore its amazing potential.

Please know, those who choose not to try this technique or are not appropriate for it, can also gain great benefits of trauma therapy work with me. We get you unstuck from the psychological bondage of fear/anger/depression or anxiety that it can cause, and get you on your way to truly ENJOYING life!

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