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One of my specialties is helping people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Sometimes these two go together but the person is only aware of having anxiety OR depression.

Many times anxiety behaviors come from when a person has sadness deep inside and not wanting to FEEL the sadness, they run themselves on a non ending “hamster wheel”… to exhaustion by staying overly busy mentally/physically and doing everything possible to distract themselves so not to feel the sadness. Yet the sadness does not go away.

Constant anxiety is not only unpleasant to feel (as is the depression) but it can lead to physical illness including high stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, and lowered immune system.

As this is a special focus of mine, I have helped hundreds of clients free themselves of anxiety as well as the depression. Having “been there” in my earlier decades, I know how debilitating the symptoms of depression and or anxiety can be. KNOW that you don’t have to stay in either one of these states.

There is an answer. I can help you gain the insight and show you the tools you can use to rise out of this to be in a state of mental/emotional HEALTH and happiness. And it doesn’t require months to get there!


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