Watch my discussion with Jana Short for the Best Holistic Life Mental Health Empowerment Summit May 2022 – Removing the Myths Around Mental Health and Creating a Conversation of Healing and Hope!

Virginia is dedicated to transforming lives through the specialized knowledge of utilizing the incredible Mind-Body Connection, Positive Psychology, and helping individuals achieve demonstrated and measurable success in increasing their sense of well-being and happiness.  



In this video Virginia discusses the following:

1) It says here that your chosen modality of therapy is “Positive Psychology.” Can you tell us exactly what that is and why you have chosen that as your approach to helping people?

2)Why do you include Goal Setting as being so important to transforming your life?

3) What distinguishes the services you provide to clients from other mental health therapists?

4) In your 30 years as a psychotherapist, what are the most common inner beliefs that cause people to seek out therapy?

5) When a person is looking to find a mental health therapist, what are the important qualities that you recommend they look for?

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Virginia Oman LCMHC NCPT

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