First off….you are on the right path because you’re taking time right now to read this for benefiting your self-care. That puts you a giant step ahead. So many people ignore taking time to focus on self-care and seem to put themselves on the bottom of any list when in fact they should be at the top!.  And especially now at this time of the year when we are sending cards and buying things for others….be sure to ask yourself…where are YOU on that shopping or card sending list?

The older I get the more I LOVE this time of year and feel the joy of the season.  But I remember well when that wasn’t the case and I was stuck in sadness which seemed to make feeling joyful about anything impossible. So take heart. Your life of increasing happiness IS right in front of you.  Sadness, depression and or anxiety can create what looks like a locked door preventing you from experiencing that joy. All you need to do is to learn the techniques and tools for unlocking the door that seems to be hiding this truth. YOUR Truth. It IS yours to be had. It is your birthright!  What I wish for you most this holiday season is increased joy and health of mind, body and spirit. Feel free to contact me if I can be of help to unlock this door for (and with) you and bring you into your best year ever.

We only get this one life and it is short. Give yourself the gift of joy.!


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Transforming lives through the specialized knowledge of utilizing the incredible Mind-Body Connection, Positive Psychology, and helping individuals achieve demonstrated and measurable success in increasing their sense of well-being and happiness.

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