Her Doctors Said She’d Never Walk Again… How Virginia Oman used Movement and Gratitude to Love Life Again with Multiple Sclerosis

Virginia Oman is a therapist, life coach, personal trainer, musician, and national ambassador for the MS Association of America. Alicja asks Virginia about her journey with MS and how movement and gratitude improved her life and gave her more energy, excitement, and hope. 

Trigger warning for mention and explanation of suicide attempt.

Naked Truth: A Therapy Podcast interviews mental health practitioners, medical professionals, and spiritual practitioners of all kinds. Some guests include ADHD specialists, reiki healers, therapists, psychiatric sleep doctors, life coaches, psychiatrists, and more. Tune into this podcast to hear a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner’s takes on life, relationships, spirituality, and therapy!

Alicja Matusiak, LISW-S PMHNP-BC, is a Polish psychiatric nurse practitioner and a social worker dedicated to helping others improve their mental health. Sophie has a BA in Psychology and edits the podcast!



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Virginia Oman LCMHC NCPT

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