Altered States podcast host Maxwell Casazza interviewed me about my experiences providing centering and peace to people through a variety of methods, including harp sound healing.

I enjoyed being a guest on Maxwell’s wonderful Podcast. As a fellow musician we had a lot to share and discuss. We both are passionate about sharing our message and I am happy to have my work and my message be helpful to his audience.

I introduced him to Cymatics which greatly enhances the power of sound. I also talked about how each one of us has a resonant tone. The harp is the most powerful of all acoustic instruments for bringing peace and centering to each of our bodies because it has the longest unimpeded vibrating string.

This podcast also includes my discussion about how I find a persons resonant tone and then improvise a piece of music in that particular mode that will really connect with them most.

Feature image by Aleksei Andreev from Pexels

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Virginia Oman LCMHC NCPT

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