I had the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation with Gillian McMichael on her podcast Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home. We talked about bouncing back from hopelessness to be in love with your life!

In this podcast I share how life threatening challenges “gifted” me to have a far deeper passion and love for life than ever before. And in the conversation, I offer helpful advice for those wanting to find more joy in their lives.

I am hoping this episode will inspire you to live a life of new possibilities. We are all capable of so much more fulfillment and happiness than we can even imagine!


Virginia introduces herself [3:40]

How Virginia coped with her MS diagnosis [10:25]

The importance of mindset [13:40]

How to track success [16:12]

How Virginia shared her success [20:37]

How compassion got Virginia through [23:55]

Advice for others [25:28]

How Virginia helps her clients connect [28:15]

Virginia’s thoughts on falling in love with your life again [34:20]

Closing thoughts & advice [40:00]

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Virginia Oman LCMHC NCPT

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