Getting a medical diagnosis that you have a progressive neurological condition that will take away your body’s ability to balance, walk, move and function would be devastating. As an active person who is not satisfied doing sedentary things, it would be impossible to see a future that was meaningful.

Listen to Virginia tell her story about what happened to her, the dark place she got to and how she completely turn it around completely to get her life back. She is happier, healthier and lives with more joy now than ever before.  

Now she has devoted herself to helping anyone that is stuck or has lost hope, FOR WHATEVER REASON, and shows them how to transform and live the life that you want, with joy.

If you are feeling stuck, depressed for whatever reason, these tools that Virginia developed can absolutely work for you.

Some of Virginia’s credentials include being a licensed Professional Counselor for 30+ years, a trained Life Coach and a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. She is also certified in Behavior Change Motivation and Corrective Movement by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She was chosen by the MS Association of America to be their National Ambassador.

Some of Virginia’s tools included when working with her clients one one one are:

  • We find your “why’, your goal, your mission, what you want that is so important you will do anything to get it.
  • We identify and help eradicate your blocking beliefs and self doubts
  • We devise an effective wellness plan
  • Virginia is with you throughout the entire process, guiding you to take small steps every day. Focus on the path. Little things, done consistently, over time will have a compounding effect.
  • You learn to be accountable, especially to yourself.
  • We celebrate together your REMARKABLE results!!

If you would like to have more clarity, energy and joy, check out Virginia Oman and “Transform the Impossible podcast with Lindsey House (see below). Schedule a free consultation with her and check out her website:


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Virginia Oman LCMHC NCPT

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