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Transform Your Life, You can RISE above anything!

Virginia Oman transforms people’s lives through her unique combination of skills as a licensed mental health therapist, life coach, personal trainer and wellness master. 

Transforming lives through the specialized knowledge of utilizing the incredible Mind-Body Connection, Positive Psychology, and helping individuals achieve demonstrated and measurable success in increasing their sense of well-being and happiness.

Here’s what clients are saying

Working with Virginia has completed changed my life. I began this journey with high levels of anxiety and I struggled to find happiness and contentment in my work and relationships. Virginia worked me through each step of addressing my underlying thought patterns and then rewriting my inner dialogue. I have greater self-confidence and excitement for life that I have never experienced before!

Molly F., North Carolina

Virginia, you’re the EXACT person I needed to find. I had counseling before but they never addressed all these important issues that you are. You’re opening my eyes to things I’ve never seen before!

Dorothy M., North Carolina


North Carolina and Virtually Worldwide

Secrets to the Powerful Mind-Body Connection

I work each day on five major area’s of life and in Secrets to the Powerful Mind-Body Connection. I describe in detail one of those area’s that I used to change my health and happiness. Are you ready to Transform your life? Take the next step! Subscribe now for your FREE guide.

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